Garden Party Dreaming…

Back in the day…well 2011 anyway, when we were dreaming up our Spring Collection 2012, we were obsessed with this eye candy of a book, Food Fashion Friends. It inspired us to want to Garden Party like no one has ever Garden Party’d before. We would drink spiked tea and eat cute little sammies and cakes with all our fav gfs. With the scene set, the “what shall we wear?” ideas began to swirl. It would need to be Whimsical, Seductive, and Dreamy…definitely, dreamy. Maybe we were just buzzing from the “tea,” but it was with this simple daydream that our Spring Collection 2012 was born.

Here’s a few for your viewing pleasure…Neat Shirt in Chambray with Passenger Skirt in Contraband, Luisa Short Dress in White Sand, and Dreamy Tee in Rhubarb.

It’s almost Spring (in LA at least) and these designs are just starting to hit stores, so it’s time to make this Garden Party a reality.  On the menu? We’re taking a page out of one of our favorite bloggers, Jordan Reid of’s playbook and making a Rhubarb Blueberry Crisp. The beauty is in the simplicity, right?

(Click on the picture for all the delish recipe deets.)

As for music, when we were making this collection we were listening to a lot of Warpaint. Specifically, their cover of David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes, its airy vintage vibe was so perfect for our Garden Party dreaming.  Definitely check it out if you haven’t already, right now though you really have to see THIS.

Amazing, right? You have probably already seen it since it’s at like 45 million views but one more time never hurts. Goyte is on constantly around here and being that we’re festival girls, we are pumped to see him and many others at Coachella. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait until Coachella for Goyte since we saw him last night at the El Rey! More on that a little later but check out our Twitter for pics! Sanctuary1997


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